Title: Needle Holder with Handling Capability
Acronym: PACMAN
Duration: 18 months
Starting Date: February 2021
Funding: 75,000 € 


PACMAN is a proof-of-concept project aimed at reducing the time-to-market of the patent of a new laparoscopic instrument with a spherical wrist capable of grasping and rolling a suture needle. Some of the most critical and delicate tasks in minimally invasive robotic surgery are found in reconstructive procedures due to the time and high dexterity required, as well as the risks of organ and tissue damage related to poorly performed sutures. This happens more frequently when the orientation of the needle is not fully under surgeon's control. The mechanism for a needle holder is capable of imprinting rolling motions on a circular cross-sectional object by adding a pulley to operate an additional degree of freedom responsible for the rolling motion of the object. This solution is fully compatible with the latest generation of da Vinci robot tools, such as the da Vinci Xi, which is equipped with an additional actuator for advanced tools.




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Contacts and Directions

ICAROS  - Policlinico Università di Napoli Federico II, via Pansini 5, bldg. 5, 80131 Naples, Italy


DIRECTOR: Prof. Nicola Longo [nicola (dot) longo (at) unina (dot) it]