da Vinci Research Kit (dVRK)

The da Vinci Research Kit is a research platform based on the da Vinci Surgical System developed and distributed by Intuitive Surgical Inc. The kit is a collection of first-generation da Vinci components that can be used to assemble a telerobotics platform which provides complete access to all levels of control via open source electronics and software.

The platform consists of a surgeon's console for the surgeon to tele-operate the surgery and a patient side console where the actual surgery takes place. The surgeon's console consists of two Master Tool Manipulators (MTM), each having 8 DOF for dexterous and natural hand manipulation, and a foot-pedal tray. On the other side at the patient's end, there are two Patient Side Manipulators (PSM), which are controlled by the MTMs with coordinated foot-pedal movements. The interface between the two consoles is based on custom hardware consisting of motor-controllers, coupled with FPGAs and connected to a PC running the control loops.

ICAROS is a member of the research community of the users of the da Vinci Research Kit created by Intuitive Surgical Inc. The community shares information through collaboration tools including a wiki and a mailing list. The open source hardware and software is available via public Git or SVN repositories.




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ICAROS  - Policlinico Università di Napoli Federico II, via Pansini 5, bldg. 5, 80131 Naples, Italy


DIRECTOR: Prof. Bruno Siciliano [bruno (dot) siciliano (at) unina (dot) it]