Title: COllaborative HiErarchical Robotic ExplaNaTions
Duration: 36 months
Starting Date: April 2021
Funding: 560 k€ 


For robots to build trustable interactions with users two aspects will be crucial during the next decade: the ability to produce explainable decisions and to be able to effectively communicate such decisions and re-plan according to new user inputs in real-time along with the execution. The COHERENT project will develop a novel framework to coordinate explanations originated at the different robotic levels and to be able to deliver these explanations during the execution of the task. To have effective interactions, an interface of communication with the user will be developed to both explain and receive inputs in the form of user preferences, requirements or suggestions to execute a task, at different levels of human expertise. Validation will entail a new benchmark to assess acceptance and effectiveness of explanations based on experiments with subjects.


Contacts and Directions

ICAROS  - Policlinico Università di Napoli Federico II, via Pansini 5, bldg. 5, 80131 Naples, Italy


DIRECTOR: Prof. Nicola Longo [nicola (dot) longo (at) unina (dot) it]