BeyondShape and ETA Bioengineering win the Myllennium Award 2020 – 22 July 2020

On 22 July 2020 the spin-off companies of University of Naples Federico II –BeyondShape and ETA Bioengineering– won first place at Myllennium Award 2020 respectively in the sections MySTARTUP and MySPORT. Stanislao Grazioso, Mario Selvaggio, Dario Panariello, Giuseppe di Gironimo and Teodorico Caporaso, all ICAROS members, received the awards in the beautiful setting of Villa dei Medici in Rome.

The MySTARTUP Prize is a competition of high-tech and innovative business ideas. It is an initiative aimed at companies established for no more than two years and/or business projects led by entrepreneurs under 30 years of age.

MySPORT|Startup rewards the best business project that represents an innovation in the world of sport: a new technology that increases performance in a given discipline, a new business model that improves the economic results of sports clubs, a digital service to support athletes or fans.




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